If you love bao buns, dumplings and noodles, you’re in luck, as a new fast casual Chinese restaurant will soon open its doors in downtown Nashville specializing in these dishes.

Steamboys will open soon in Nashville at 1226 Second Ave N. The menu will feature two main types of dishes. The prime focus will be on bao/dumplings and noodles. Standard drink options will be available in addition to specialty drinks like Bubble Tea.

“As a team the founders have found friendship, kindness and a feeling of care for those around us through eating dumplings, noodles and steamboys (aka bao buns). It’s taken us on a journey and allowed us to explore our backgrounds while uniting us. With this in mind we hope the same sentiments can stem from a shared experience in our restaurant,” the founders said in a statement.

The inspiration behind featuring just a few main items on their menu is all about showcasing Chinese culture. The Steamboy staff have been taught the art of making bao from members of the team who have been specially trained in China.

“Noodles and dumplings are key to any meal. They provide an extensive amount of nourishment and sustenance. Additionally, noodles represent longevity and dumplings represent gold. With this in mind we believe our food will bring both to our customers.”

article by Andrea Hinds Williamson Source