Earlier this month was a remarkable and amazing chapter in the Steamboys’ newly minted history.

Some of you may or may not know, but we took part in the Nashville Dragon Boat Festival Races this year in a joint mission with Fulin’s Asian Cuisine. We believe that the beauty, power, exceptional traditions, and inclusivity of Dragon Boat racing should be enjoyed by all.

As a small group of young entrepreneurs, our love and dedication to how we represent the culture that has raised  and adopted some of us is important. Coming together, laughing, dancing, and putting our energy into each stroke of our paddles as we flew across the Cumberland River represents not only our dedication to the heritage we bring to Nashville, but also the effort we bring to each and every single customer of Steamboys. We put our all into making sure that the service is exceptional, that we meet the needs and desires of our guests, and build on what we have so that each person can say “wow, I’ve never had this experience this way before”.

It shows because not only did we join in this year as a new organization, but we came in 2nd place overall out of the 35 total participants. Our second place paddle can be seen adorning the wall of our Germantown location as a reminder that not only are we in this together, but we’re in this for the people of Nashville. With your support all of us will be able to enjoy the prosperity of true friendship and camaraderie that comes with the Steamboys spirit.

That said let’s prepare for even bigger, better, and tastier things to come 😉


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