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In Chinese culture, bao are ubiquitous and loved by just about everybody. Often eaten for breakfast, they’re a quick and delicious way to kick off one’s workday.

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Dumpling can be used as a blanket term for everything from the balls of dough cooked in meat stews to steamed tidbits of little goldfishes folded in featherlike patterns.

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In Asian culture, soup noodles are the perfect one-dish meal due to their refreshing broths, delicious seasonings, and whatever you like to add in the way of meat, fish, tofu, or vegetables as toppings.

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Steamboys Mission

Dear Friends & Family,

It is our great pleasure to finally bring you the wonderful, traditional Chinese comfort food experience Nashville has been waiting for. We are Steam Boys. Your support thus far has been nothing short of exceptional, truly the major motivating factor behind what we believe will elevate the local Asian food scene to new heights. You deserve authentic, delicious, healthy food, and a glimpse into Chinese culture. You deserve to be proud of what Nashville has to offer.

What makes Steam Boys special are not just the food and warm environment. At our core is a deep respect for diversity. Our food happens to be Chinese, but it is without exception food to be enjoyed by all. In both our team and our customer base, we strive to include people from all walks of life. Food should never be limited to a certain race, age, sex or any other dividing factor.

Nashville is growing daily, and Steam Boys is at the forefront of that growth. With your continued support nothing can stand in our way. You are all special, and we desire nothing more than the honor of having you as part of the family. We can’t wait to serve you!

Most Sincerely,

The Steam Boys

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With dumplings, the possibilities are endless! 

Brandon Lin

living on steam ain't easy!

Andy Huy Le

If you work hard enough, you can turn dumplings into gold!

David Lin

My teammates are the reason I get out of bed each morning, Their unwavering support is really something special. And ultimately it allows me to support ur customers at the level they deserve.

Josh Kaplan

My team and our customers have become my family, for them I would move the world.

Hans Alcindor

业精于勤, Practice Makes Perfect!

Tao XU


Steamboys in Germantown
1200 2nd Avenue N.
Nashville, TN 37208

Now Open!!

Steamboys in Hermitage
3907 Lebanon Pike
Hermitage, TN 37076

1200 2nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN, USA